Sacred Smudge Spray

Sacred Smudge Spray

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An alternative to burning a sage bundle in your space. Great for those who can't handle smoke or are trying to cleanse a space where people are sensitive to smoke. Also works great as a quick way to cleanse your room after each client. 

Made with Black Tourmaline, Smokey Quartz and Amethyst Elixer; Sweet Grass Hydrosol; Essential Oils of White Sage, Palo Santo, Frankincense and Juniper; Flower Essences of Crab Apple and Walnut. 

Black Tourmaline Elixir - good for deflecting harmful energy, stabilizing effect on the physical, mental and spiritual levels and grounding. 

Smokey Quartz Elixir - good for energizing the body, channeling energy through the hands, calming the mind and meditation.

Amethyst Elixir - good for maintaining equilibrium, balancing extreme energies and oversensitivity, calms emotions and over-active thoughts.

Sweet Grass Hydrosol - one of the most powerful hydrosols to clear energetic spaces, helps clear out old energetic debris and helps to bring in new energies. 

White Sage Essential Oil - used for; cleansing, purifying, protection, clearing negative energy and to ward off evil spirits. 

Palo Santo Essential Oil - clears bad energy and brings luck. 

Frankincense Essential Oil - removes negative influences in the body, aura and environment. 

Juniper Essential Oil - strengthens the spirit and purifies negative energy in your environment and from other people. 

Crab Apple Flower Essence - helps to cleanse your environment and to feel clean. 

Walnut Flower Essence - protection from others and negativity, creating change in your environment. 

Gently shake to activate, then mist around yourself and your space to clear negative or stagnant energy, enhance your sacred space and prepare it for healing work or meditation.