Hush Little Baby

Hush Little Baby

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Relaxing Blend for Baby

Made with organic jojoba oil, organic essential oils of lavender and mandarin and impatiens flower essence.

Comes in a super easy to use roller bottle. Simply uncap, roll on chest, around both ears or bottom of feet and you're done!

Organic Lavender Essential Oil - its main effect is to help normalize the body, making it very useful for this blend when baby needs calming but you don't know from what. It will just help bring them back to center. 

Organic Mandarin Essential Oil - its mild relaxant properties help to relax baby and baby's nervous system.

Impatiens Flower Essence - just like its name states, this essence is helpful in times of being impatient. Whether they are having issues with not getting what they want or they are getting frustrated while playing.

*Properties of this oil blend have been know to also help with...calming nervous children, hurrying and bored children, children that frequently trip and fall from moving too fast, children with stomach or bowel spasms from being irritated or eating too quickly, and children unable to study or unable to play with others.