Cleansing - To Use Before A Chakra Balancing Session

Cleansing - To Use Before A Chakra Balancing Session

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CLEANSING - Blended To Cleanse The Body Before A Chakra Balancing Session

Blended to prepare the body for chakra balancing but can also be used before any treatment to start a session out with a clean space. 

Quartz Crystal Elixir Blended with Lemon, Clary Sage and Grapefruit Essential Oils. 

Quartz Crystal Elixir ~ good for balancing, clearing, meditation, focusing the mind and removing negativity. Beneficial for all chakras. 

Lemon ~ antimicrobial properties help with cleansing spaces, it also clears the mind, aiding in decision-making without over-stimulating the mind. 

Clary Sage ~ calms anxiety, stress, nervous tension and depression, helping to put the person in a good state of mind before starting a session

Grapefruit ~ it is cooling and cleansing, beneficial for calming an overheated liver or a sluggish lymphatic system and helps to stimulate self-esteem. 

To Use

  • Gently shake to activate oils and then simply mist around your body and space to immediately shift your mood and elevate the energy of your space. Inhale deeply as you set your intention.