Chakra Spray #1 Support

Chakra Spray #1 Support

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SUPPORT Blended To Support Base Chakra Alignment 

The base chakra has the lowest vibration of all the chakras. The root chakra is concerned with our physical needs and basic survival. The amount of energy flowing through the root chakra indicates how capable we are at connecting to earth and being grounded.

Jasper Crystal Elixer blended with Myrrh, Vetiver and Atlas Cedar Essential Oils

Red Jasper Crystal Elixir ~ good for new ideas, problem solving, survival instinct, dream recall, protection and meditation. Beneficial for Base Chakra. 

Myrrh~ strengthens base chakra, unites spirituality, helps relieve PMS symptoms and encourages meditation.

Vetiver~ helps to ground the body and mind, helps lower menopause and PMS symptoms, calms and supports Qi, nourishes the body and soul, helps in cases of arthritis, muscular pain, stress, anxiety, insomnia, and depression.

Cedarwoodtonifying to the kidneys, spleen and pancreas, helps relieve low back pain, anxiety and nervous tension.

*Red is the color of the first chakra. Cedarwood and Myrrh both resonate at the frequency of the color red.

To Use

  • Gently shake to activate oils and then simply mist around your body and space to immediately shift your mood and elevate the energy of your space. Inhale deeply as you set your intention.