Cutting Loose

Cutting Loose

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Comforting Teething Blend for Baby

Made with organic jojoba oil, organic essential oils of lavender and roman chamomile and walnut flower essence. 

Comes in a super easy to use roller bottle. Simply uncap, roll on jaw line, around both ears and/or bottom of feet and you're done!

Organic Lavender Essential Oil - eases gum and jaw pain due to the teeth pushing through. Its antibiotic and antiseptic qualities help keep chances of infection down and relieve nerve pain.

Organic Roman Chamomile Essential Oil - its pain relieving benefits help to calm and soothe toothaches and teething pain.

Walnut Flower Essence - the ideal essence for teething because it helps ease baby through this transition in their life.

*Properties of this oil blend have been known to also help with...first day of daycare or school, changing nannies, moving and vacation. Basically anytime a major change is about to or has occurred (or even a little change if it is unsettling to the little one).