Numb Skull (Headache/Migraine) Blend

Numb Skull (Headache/Migraine) Blend

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Blended to help ease headaches and migraines. 

A Therapeutic Essential Oil Blend of *Peppermint, *Lavender, *Chamomile, *Marjoram and *Rosemary. (*Organic Ingredients) 

 To Use

  • Add a few drops to the bottom of your shower and let the hot water hit it and steam up your bathroom
  • Apply 1 drop to a dime size amount of oil or lotion and massage into temples and back of neck
  • Add 6 drops to a diffuser and inhale throughout the day while you are suffering from a headache or migraine or if you feel one coming on

*Not recommended for children under 2 years or for those with a ragweed allergy.