The Alchemist

Erika - Founder & Alchemist of Clean Benefits Co

An old friend once gave me the advice…In business, it is better to dig one hole as deep as you can instead of digging a few shallow holes… This advice really stuck with me and became my focus over the years. Once I found the perfect hole for me to dig I started digging it and have not looked back since. I have been digging my deep hole of knowledge and understanding in my field since 1999 and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon! Every course I take, every class I teach, every study and book I read and every product I create is all focused on a deeper understanding in the field of Alternative Medicine & Aromatherapy.

My goal and focus is to create products that are beneficial to use. If you’re going to use a lotion, why not use a lotion that also helps calm stress? If you want to diffuse a smell in your house, why not use a blend that can also help you breathe better or help you focus on your tasks? In a sea of products to choose from these days, I think it’s time to simplify, get back to basics and start helping the body get back to a balanced state.

All products are tested on willing clients and their feedback on each product is what helps shape the products I offer, as well as to help me come up with new products. So if there is something that you have been wanting but can't seem to find, reach out! All of my products that you see on this website were born out of people asking for them. 

My Background

B.S. in Alternative Medicine & Nutrition from Metro State University
Classes include: Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy & Physiology, Health Care Research, Pathophysiology, Homeopathy, Ayurveda Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Energy Medicine, Aromatherapy, Botanical Pharmacology.

Clinical Aromatherapist
Training under
~Sharon Tessier PhD for Aromatherapy Basics & Aromatherapy Consults
~Kurt Schnaubelt PhD for Chemistry of Aromatherapy & Chemical Composition, Structure & Energy of Essential Oils, Treatment of Disease, Cosmetology, Psychology of Fragrance and Toxicology .                                                       ~Robert Tisserand for Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils, Essential Oil Safety and Essential Oils in Skincare
~Mandy Aftel for Blending for scent & perfume making

Bach Flower Practitioner
~Level 1 Training with Nancy Buono, BFRP

Community Herbalist
~11 years working in supplements at Whole Foods
~Store manager at Apothecary Tinctura custom blending teas, tinctures & aromatherapy blends
~The Foundation of Herbalism Course with Rosemary Gladstar
~Currently enrolled in Herbal Medicine for Women with Aviva Romm PhD

Reiki Master
~4 month training through Metro State University

Certified Reflexologist & Certified Facial Reflex Therapist
~9 month hands on program for feet, hands & ears
~Additional 5 module class for the face

Additional Reflex Therapy Programs Completed
~TCM Hand Reflex Therapy
~Meridian Therapy
~Ocular Reflex Therapy
~Praxis Vertebralis Reflex Therapy (Spinal work through the feet)
~Hormone Balancing Reflex Therapy
~Infertility Reflex Therapy
~Mother & Baby Reflex Therapy (New moms & infants)
~Tibetan Neck & Scalp Reflexology
~Traditional Thai Reflexology                                                                        ~Diabetes Protocol